Biblical Imagery in Medieval England, 700-1550.

London: Harvey Miller, 2002,

First Edition. octavo, cloth in dust jacket. 400 pp. Harvey Miller, New. Item #12143

This study covers the whole of the Middle Ages from the Lindisfarne Gospels to the Reformation and concentrates on the relationship "Text - Image and Viewer." Each section is firmly grounded in its historical context and the images are examined for their relationship with the biblical text and for the ways in which they served their patrons and viewers. Naturally enough, much of the imagery is based directly on the narrative books of the Bible but an almost equal art was inspired by commentaries interpreting the symbolism of the text and by apocryphal tales. As medieval writers freely admitted, the image often has a much more memorable impact than the text. To the viewer, therefore, an image often was part of an extensive narrative cycle as well as being endowed with symbolic significance and charged with emotional power as an aid to devotion. Illustrated. 200 black and white; 18 color illustrations. New.

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