Bibliotheca Esoterica: Catalogue Annote et Illustre de 6707 Ouvrages Anciens et Modernes qui traitent des Sciences Occultes comme auusi des Societes Secretes.

(Mansfield Centre: Maurizio Martino, no date [1997]),

Reprint of the 1940 first edition. octavo, cloth. 665 pp. Maurizio Martino, Item #19120

Bibliotheca Esoterica includes 6,700 works on alchemy, astrology, chiromancy, demonology, magic, mysticism, prophensies, sorcery, witchcraft, spiritualism, theosophy, secret societies (Mason, Templars and Rosicrucians). Each entry includes author, title, place and date of publication, format, pagination and the number of illustrations. New.

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