Royal Naval Air Service Pilot 1914-18.

(Oxford: Osprey Publishing, 2010),

First Edition. quarto, pictorial heavy paper wrappers. 64pp. Osprey Publishing, Item #21575

In 1914 the Naval Wing of the Royal Flying Corps was subsumed into the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS). With the bulk of the Royal Flying Corps engaged in France, the aircraft and seaplane pilots of the RNAS protected Britain from the deadly and terrifying Zeppelin menace. In 1915 the RNAS sent aircraft to support the operations in the Dardanelles, and also gave increasing support to the Royal Flying Corps units engaged on the Western Front, conducting reconnaissance, intelligence gathering and artillery spotting, bombing raids, and aerial combat with German pilots. This book explores all of these fascinating areas, and charts the pioneering role of the RNAS in military aviation.
Illustrated with photographs, and with drawings by Adam Smith. New.

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