Tributes to Lucy Freeman Sandler. Studies in Illuminated Manuscripts.

Harvey Miller, 2008,

First Edition. quarto, boards. 428 pp. Harvey Miller, New. Item #22874

K. A. Smith and Carol H. Krinsky; Lucy Freeman Sandler: An Appreciation; J. J. G. Alexander; 'Mansueta Asinella': An Unusual Image of a Book Presentation to Marguerite de France, Duchesse de Savoie (1523-74); J. Backhouse; Patronage and Commemoration in the Beaufort Hours; W. Cahn; The Pictorial Epitaph of Lambert of Saint-Bertin; M. H. Caviness; Marginally Correct; R. K. Emmerson; Visualizing the Vernacular: Middle English Early Fourteenth Century Bilingual and Trilingual Manuscript Illustrations; G. B. Guest; Structuring Old Testament History in the Psalter of Louis IX; A. B. Hagens; Leaves of a Fourteenth-Century Franco-Flemish Antiphonary Owned by John Ruskin (1819-1900); E. Inglis; The Production and Program of Fouquet's Boccaccio; C. M. Kauffmann; An Illustrated Life of Christ in Verse; S. L'Engle; The Naked Bishop: Baring the Body to Express the Law; M. M. Manion; Imaging the Marvelous and Fostering Marian Devotion: The Miracles de Notre Dame and French Royalty; R. Mellinkoff; Two Erotic Women Warriors: Sexy, Violent, and Lethal; M. A. Michael; Planning for Style: A Preliminary Reading of the De Lisle Psalter Virgin and Child; N. Morgan; The Bohun Apocalypse; M. M. Nishimura and David Nishimura; Rabbits, Warrens, and Warenne: The Patronagof the Gorleston Psalter; N. F. Regalado; Fortune's Two Crowns: Images of Kingship in Paris, BnF MS fr. 146 Roman de Fauvel; J. E. Rosenthal; An Unprecedented Image of Love and Devotion: The Crucifixion In Judith of Flanders' Gospel Book; K. L. Scott; The Remains of a Missal: Chetham's Library MS 6713; E. Sears; Scribal Wit in a Manuscript from the Châtelet: Images in the Margins of Boileau's Livre des métiers (Paris, BnF MS fr. 24069); C. R. Sherman; Representations of Maternal and Familial Roles in French Translations of the Pseudo-Aristotelian Economics, Book I; J. Stratford and C. Reynolds; The Foyle Breviary and Hours of John, Duke of Bedford, in the British Library. W. M. Voelkle; More Medieval Alphabet Soup: Another Unique Catherine Initial From the Mosan Psalter-Hours; R. S. Wieck; Trial by Fleur: The Earliest Work by the Master of Walters 219; Bibliography of the Writings of Lucy Freeman Sandler. Indexes and other apparatus.

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