A History of the 17th Aero Squadron. Nil Actum Reputans si quid superesset agendum, December, 1918.

Nashville, TN: Battery Press, (1990),

Reprint of the first edition of 1920. large octavo, brown cloth stamped in silver and red. (xiv), (176)pp. Battery Press, Item #23313

The squadron was initially assigned to the RAF on July 15, 1918, and operated with them until November 4, 1918, upon which date it was attached to the U.S. Second Army. It engaged in 110 combats and had 54 confirmed victories, suffering 24 casualties of 10 killed, 7 prisoners and 2 missing. Contents include: List of officers KIA; organization and training; the Dunkirk front; the British drive for front; Sombrin; Combat reports; Reports of low bombing and machine gun attacks; Statistics; and Appendix, Casualties and changes: Roster of enlisted men. This pursuit squadron was equipped with Sopwith Camels. Noffsinger 502. Printed on "Blandford Bond" paper, uncut. Frontispiece and nine plates printed upon heavy paper after drawings and engravings by Sergeant First Class Hayden C. Kellum, a member of the squadron. As new.

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