Slip of paper, 9" x 3.75" having the General's image and a reproduction of the CDC shoulder insignia, signed "Geo. H. Brett."

Item #27117

Along with a Typed Letter, signed from his Aide-de-Camp Maj. Jose L. Quintana, in response to a boy's request for an autograph and insignia from the General. George Howard Brett (7 February 1886 – 2 December 1963) was a United States Army Air Forces General during World War II. An Early Bird of Aviation, Brett served as a staff officer in World War I. In 1941, following the outbreak of war with Japan, Brett was appointed Deputy Commander of a short-lived major Allied command, the American-British-Dutch-Australian Command (ABDACOM), which oversaw Allied forces in South East Asia and the South West Pacific. In early 1942, he was put in charge of United States Army Forces in Australia, until the arrival of Douglas MacArthur. Brett then commanded all Allied Air Forces in the Southwest Pacific Area. In November 1942, he was appointed commander of the US Caribbean Defense Command and remained in this post for the rest of the war. Several stains from tape on verso used in mounting.

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