Item #27145 Photograph, inscribed and signed. Brig Gen George W. SMYTHE.

Photograph, inscribed and signed.

Item #27145

Sent in response to a boy's request for an autograph. 3.25" x 4.75" George Winfred Smythe (b. Aug. 4, 1899, Norristown, Pa.-d. Jan. 16, 1969), U.S. Army officer, was commissioned in the Infantry from West Point in 1924. During World War II, he served with the Services of Supply in the North African Theater; was commanding officer, 47th Infantry, 9th Division, then assistant division commander, 9th Division. After the War he served as assistant division commander, 1st Division; commanding general, 24th Division and 3rd Division in the Korean War; and deputy commanding general of the 2nd Army. He retired in 1957. Small piece of residue on verso from tape used in mounting.

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