Art and Science.

Harvey Miller, 2017,

First Edition. quarto, cloth in dust jacket. 320 pp. Harvey Miller, New. Item #27175

This ground-breaking publication presents the papers delivered at the international Conference held in Cambridge in December 2016 to mark the end of the Fitzwilliam Museum's acclaimed bicentenary exhibition COLOUR: THE ART AND SCIENCE OF ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS. It is the first of two volumes in which medievalists and scientists share the results of their research, and combine here to elucidate both the materials and techniques of production of illuminated manuscripts, as well as the artists' collaboration and their aesthetic objectives. Of the 34 papers given at the proceedings, 17 are included in the present volume covering scientific analyses of West European, Byzantine and Islamic manuscripts, Colour and Pigment Studies, Painting Techniques and Workshop Practices, as well as details of the latest scientific techniques and instruments employed for these non-invasive and non-destructive investigations into the delicate manuscripts. The texts are accompanied by over 200 illustrations as well as explanatory Tables and Diagrams.

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