Printing and the Mind of Man. John CARTER, Percy Muir.

Printing and the Mind of Man.

Munich: Pressler, 1983,

Second Edition, revised & enlarged. folio, red cloth with printed labels on front cover and spine, in dust jacket. (xxxvi), 280 pp. Pressler, Item #30717

Carter and Muir were assisted by Nicolas Barker, H. A. Feisenberger, Howard Nixon, and S. H. Steinberg. With an Introductory Essay by Denys Hay. The invention of printing with movable type, by, was crucial to the whole evolution of western civilization during the ensuing five hundred years. The printing press furnished the means of repeatable precision of text and the capacity for the mass circulation of ideas. In this volume will be found full descriptions of books etc. which, for the ideas that they brought to the world for the first time, are of prime importance to the mind of man. New concepts in philosophy, religion and politics, in economics, jurisprudence, education and sociology; new ideas in historiography and linguistics, in the arts and architecture; new discoveries in natural history, geography, the sciences, medicine and technology: here, under 424 entries (some of them multiple), is the essential documentation of their first appearance in print. Aquinas, Pascal and Freud, Copernicus, Newton and Einstein, here are the decisive battles against ignorance and darkness in the history of mankind. This edition with a new introduction by Percy H. Muir, additional bibliographies by Peter Amelung, and a revised index. Illustrated. Very small spot of wear to cloth at bottom of spine, else a fine, clean copy.

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