Item #33166 Crafting Knowledge in the Early Medieval Book. Practices of Collecting and Concealing in the Latin West. Sinead O'SULLIVAN, Ciaran Arthur.

Crafting Knowledge in the Early Medieval Book. Practices of Collecting and Concealing in the Latin West.

Brepols Publishers, 2023,

First Edition. large octavo, pictorial wrappers. 532 pp. Brepols Publishers, Item #33166

Collection and concealment were hallmarks of early medieval book culture. Materials of all kinds were collected, collated, concealed, condensed, correlated, paraphrased, reorganised, and repurposed in early medieval manuscripts. This volume of essays explores how knowledge was made in the early medieval book in the Latin West through two interrelated practices: collecting and concealing. It provides case studies across cultures and areas (e.g. exegesis, glossography, history, lexicography, literature, poetry, vernacular and Latin learning). Collectio underpinned scholarly productions from miscellanies to vademecums. It was at the heart of major enterprises such as the creation of commentaries, encyclopaedic compendia, glosses, glossaries, glossae collectae, and word lists. As a scholarly practice, collectio accords with the construction of inventories of inherited materials, the ruminative imperative of early medieval exegesis, and a kind of reading that required concentration. Concealment likewise played a key role in early medieval book culture. Obscuration was in line with well-known interpretative practices aimed at rendering knowledge less than immediate. This volume explores the practices of obscuring that predate the twelfth-century predilection, long recognised by historians, for reading that penetrates beneath the "covering" (integumentum, involucrum) to reveal the hidden truth. Cumulatively, the papers spotlight the currency of two crucial practices in early medieval book culture - the practices of collection and concealment. They demonstrate that early medieval authors, artists, compilers, commentators, and scribes were conspicuous collectors and concealers of knowledge. Illustrated with 19 color illustrations and 7 black and white. The Publications of the Journal of Medieval Latin 16. Very fine.

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